Learning Love

Learning Love

When a travesty occurs in life and injustice is witnessed, it is my conclusion that we have forgotten what love is and possibly have not learned or experienced what love truly is: either individually or as a whole.

What does it mean to love? Once we know what it is, we can practice and meditate on it continually.

There is no fear in love, love casts out fear; in turn, no torment and violence can exist when there is love. Without love, we are enemies to ourselves and others.

It is possible to have love for all mankind. If we can understand, mediate on love and practice it at all times and in all places, we would have joy and peace in our lives. As in practicing yoga, it is very simple but not always easy to do.

Love could mean many things, but the “spirit” of love is humble, kind, always hopes, protects, is patient, perseveres, trusts, and forgives. In this spirit, we add value in our lives; to inspire others to do the same and then one by one, day by day, we are transformed. This spirit gives meaning and joy not only for us but for others.

Martin Luther King taught five principles that encompass how to understand and live love: Love is a way of life for courageous people, love seeks to gain friendship and understanding, love seeks to defeat injustice not people, love is a choice, love believes the universe is on the side of justice.

During our own personal affliction is the most challenging time to share and to feel love, but if we “try” we will allow love to transform us and our situations. If we are patient enough and have faith that we are capable of sharing, receiving and giving love, our lives and hearts will change.

In the body, the heart doesn’t say to the lungs, “you are different from me and don’t provide the value I do.” On the contrary, the heart and lungs work together in the process to instill life to the whole. If we can recognize our value as a “human race” we too will instill life to the whole.

We hope “all of us” can practice love, and in doing so, learn what love really is.

With love, peace and prayer always,

Your Hot Yoga and Pilates Family 🙂