Finding Balance in Uncertainty

Finding Balance in Uncertainty

During these times it is more evident that we are dependent upon one another. Race, gender, religious beliefs, financial status makes no difference to this truth.

Our world as a whole is dependent on one another in good and difficult times. We must stand with one another in good times and bad to help create a better outcome not just for ourselves but for each other as a whole. Global welfare is pertinent in these times more than it ever has been before.

Coming together regardless of our differences is the only way to move forward in faith that things will become better. The balance of nature is in line with the balance of mankind. One imbalance can affect the whole and the quicker we can come to balance the less damage is done.

In this life there are no guarantees besides that when we are born we will die. In between that time, are the decisions we make and the circumstances we cannot control.

Connecting to what is most important to us will ensure our happiness regardless of what unforeseen events that can happen in our lives.

Fostering good relationships to others, our ability to adapt and overcome, being able to find the good in ourselves and others, supporting one another with love, understanding and forgiveness, to do the things that support our health physically and mentally is the key to finding that balance and maintaining it. All obstacles can find a good outcome if we are able to look at all problems from that lens.

Christian and I are praying for you and your families at this time and have faith we all will come out of it stronger in many ways.

– Shelley