Be Still

To be still sounds so easy and yet it is one of the most difficult things to do in the undoing of life. The consuming information of the world bombards us at every turn from the internet, TV, cell phones, “life” itself.

The constant chatter and chaos can break down the human mind, and spirit over time and the natural state of being still and quiet becomes more of an anomaly and it can feel uncomfortable or abnormal to try to experience.

The danger of always being bombarded by things outside of ourselves is to lose connection to our own thoughts, feelings and emotions that become clouded into the “collective” and from that vantage point, it is hard to distinguish our individuality, our unique strengths and gifts we can offer to others and to find true joy in our lives.

To “be still” is to allow ourselves the time, the moments to notice our breath, to notice how we feel right now, how we are experiencing our thoughts and expressions. To choose how we express in ways that honors ourselves and respects others. It opens the doors to our creativity.

By being still we can see through the looking glass to our very souls, the desires of our hearts without judgement, but with acceptance and love.

We are meant to strive to our potential and the only way to be clear of what that is, is to be still, to allow ourselves the time, the breath to listen, to see, to understand what is real to us, what the truth is.

Once our truth is revealed we need to hang on to it, to protect it, and to look after it with compassion and commitment.  Follow through with the things that matter most to us.

Envelop your heart, mind and spirit with the nourishment of what stillness can give and the wisdom it can bring. It is the vitality of life: free from the prison of other people’s opinions or beliefs that may hinder our progress and happiness over time.

Allow yourself to “be still” to see what is in your heart, mind and spirit. Through the practice of yoga you will learn moment by moment what that means and what is there for you. Be open, trust yourself, trust your practice: the wisdom, happiness and understanding is there for you to experience without the chaos and noise that is distracting you from the bliss that is possible.

With love,

Shelley and Christian